Was he Shakespeare?

February 7th, 2014
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Do you want him to be?


“Fain would I sing but fury makes me fret,

And rage hath sworn to seek revenge of wrong;

My mazed mind in malice so is set

As death shall daunt my deadly dolors long

Patience perforce is such a pinching pain,

As die I will or suffer wrong again.

I am no sot to suffer such abuse

As doth bereave my heart of his delight,

Nor will I frame myself to such as use

With calm consent to suffer such despyght.

No quiet sleep shall once possess mine eye,

Till wit have wrought his will on Injury.

My heart shall fail and hand shall lose his force,

But some devise shall pay despight his due;

And fury shall consume my careful corpse,

Or raze the ground whereon my sorrow grew.

Lo thus in rage of ruthful mind refused,

I rest revenged of whom I am abused.”

finis Earle of Oxenforde


Would you willingly lose yourself in the labyrinth of this man’s fury?

When you escape – if you do – will you remember who you were when you went in?

“After such knowledge, what forgiveness?”

  Gerontion by  T. S. Eliot

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